All About Racing Tires

Race tires are not like the normal tires you have on your sedan. They are not generally picked based on any brand but more on performance and feeling. If the driver feels he can take this tires to the limit and have great grip and friction with the road they will take them. Here are some things you should know about race tires:


  • How fast the tire will get hot. This is different for every tire and depending on the quality and use for the tire it will vary. You need to check out the heat cycle of the tire.
  • For best performance tires must be heated to a certain temperature. This “warm up” period can take some time, depending on the weather conditions and the track.
  • These tires take professional use. If you buy some race tires they will not give you invincibility around tight turns and high speed driving. Just because you have new racing tires doesn’t mean the next time you go out to the track you can go as fast as you want.
  • These tires that are non dot are illegal on US roads. If you get caught using these tires in public areas the cops will give you a ticket and may even take away your license so its not advised to take the risks.
  • Race tires will ruin your car. The amount of grip on a race tire tends to pick up any rocks and debris on roads. As a result rocks and pebbles will be flung at your car causing damage, chipping and other problems to the body.
  • Your race tires will easily pop. If you drive over glass or anything on the road they will most likely get punctured.


Race tires are awesome to have but you need to remember that they are meant for the track. If you want nice tires off track there are some available but they are made to withstand public roads. These would be a better option.

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