F1 22: How to manage your tires

In the F1 22 sport, getting in a position to manage your tires could be the variance between a excellent final result and shedding it appropriate at the complete.

There are ordinarily a few distinctive varieties of dry temperature tires, every of which compromises performance for sturdiness.

Although the red-marked comfortable tires will have on out initial, they are the speediest for a single lap. The yellow-marked medium tire falls just in the centre, whilst the white-marked tricky tires endure the longest but accomplish the worst.

What is the most effective way to increase tire overall performance on F1 22? Your remedy is in the section underneath.

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F1 22 tire management setup

Setups are a little bit of an outlier for a lot of leisure gamers. As well routinely, players will ignore tire wear or temperature in favour of searching for a setup that is centred on hotlapping.

It is not a intelligent final decision to use it to go off swiftly for the to start with a few laps due to the fact there is a high opportunity that you will eliminate time for the remainder of the stint. Soon after all, your tires are degrading swiftly.

There are two primary configuration elements to fork out interest to when it will come to tire performance,  suspension geometry and tire pressures.

Working the suspension geometry’s camber and toe settings as close to to as possible can dramatically reduce tire don and overheating. It will decrease functionality a little, but it is additional preferable for a race of any considerable size than providing up toughness for a several laps of sheer velocity.

Look at out the video clip underneath on how to thoroughly get a setup:


In the configuration menu, examine that the adjuster is pointing to the suitable for camber changes and the still left for toe options. It is not very logical.

Then, you want the tire pressures to be low. You simply just cannot allow the area temperature go too significant since you will be in a self-satisfying loop of spinning and possessing your tires turn into much too very hot.

This is especially in this year’s activity, wherever the managing design encourages increased slides. Continue to keep an eye on the MFD and continue to keep observe of the tire temperatures if they frequently access 100 degrees, pressures have to have to be reduced.

Driving design to take care of tires

The very first move towards winning is altering your configurations. The way you drive determines every thing else, which is not astonishing.

The driving physics of F1 22 are appreciably diverse from those of F1 21, which final results in the autos acquiring a less mechanical grip and currently being far more jittery at the limit. Thanks to this reason, it is rather easy to exhaust the tires to make up for total functionality.

Smoother wheel motions, not only on the preliminary transform-in but in the course of the corner, are some uncomplicated items you may possibly do to enhance.

The front tires would inevitably overheat and don out when coming into lengthy, sweeping turns. When the gasoline tanks are entire at the commencing, this is especially correct. At very first, convert carefully into the corner when you appear out, turn a lot more little by little. The tires will be significantly less pressured as a outcome.

Then, short shifts and throttle modulation are important for the rear tires. Always ease your foot or induce finger on to the throttle pedal or button given that the wheels can in excess of-rotate even in a reasonably rapid corner regardless of whether traction command is on or not.

Early gear modifications could result in the ability supply to be smoother and slower, which prevents the wheels from spinning.

How to maximize tire strategy in F1 22

The strategy can have a sizeable influence on the final result in a race when tire use is a trouble. A 50% length race is the smallest race in which the tactic is made use of.

A 25% distance race or races long lasting five laps get in touch with for minor to no strategy. Although sprints do not need pit stops, you need to decide on the correct tire and take care of them the complete race.

But a race that handles fifty percent the distance and a Grand Prix is lengthy adequate for tire wear to make any difference. When on the grid, pick out Edit Technique to expose the choices.

Gasoline load to maximize tire method in F1 22

It is also vital to take note that there is a gas load slider out there when you access the Edit Technique menu. There is an even stronger incentive to lessen the gas as the gasoline mix has not transformed.

Larger gas would make the car heavier, which puts a lot more stress on the tires. In a natural way, you shouldn’t under fuel it also a great deal except if it is raining or there’s a fantastic probability a safety auto will appear. Lift and coastline around the close of a straight if you do run the chance of jogging out of petrol.

Staying mild on your tires is vital since you want to make fewer stops. Even so, maintain in mind whether or not an overcut or an undercut is desirable. In the previous, an undercut was beneficial, but this year’s game’s tires are not warmed, consequently it’s now preferable to adhere out as lengthy as you can.

On the other hand, these tires frequently warm up fairly speedily on tracks with loads of turns. The undercut becomes far more powerful when you merge that with the tires being a lot more worn from the increased quantity of turns.

For that reason, to prevent being undercut, pit as soon as you can so that your opponent needs to warm up their tires for at least half of the lap.

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